Don’t try to tell me this band doesn’t care about their fans. The love and admiration they feel for us it’s big and it’s real. But as any regular person, we have our bad/sad days and it is okay to show you’re not okay. And doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or curvy. Tall or short. Blonde or brunette. Guy or girl. Nothing could ever change their feelings towards us, the fans.



*20 years later*

  • Daughter: Hey mom, I like this band-
  • Me: omg I'm so sorry.
  • Daughter: Sorry?
  • Me: I'll call the teachers.
  • Daughter: Why are y-
  • Me: To let them know your grades will be dropping.
  • Daughter: Why will-
  • Me: I'm afraid it's all downhill from there.
  • Daughter: What are you talking ab-
  • Me: You might as well say goodbye to your friends.
  • Daughter: But I-
  • Me: Want me to help you with your blog?
  • Daughter: I don't have a-
  • Me: You will.
  • Daughter: But-
  • Me: Shh, it's already done. There's no turning back.



"Ashton, why are you taking this whole music thing so seriously? Do you really think you have a chance of making it?"

"Mum, I’ve gotta try,"

  • If you pretend like you actually know Ashton, it hurts more
  • I don’t own anything
  • Just thought I’d bring back the fetus
  • I’m sorry
  • Just close your eyes, turn off the lights, and cry along with me
  • Someone call an ambulance